Selendroid Inspector

Selendroid comes with a useful little tool called Selendroid Inspector. It’s a little web app which is embedded inside your selendroid test server. Its purpose is to let you inspect the current state of your app’s UI.


  1. View hierarchy
  2. View UI element properties
  3. UI screenshot with view locator
  4. Record the click actions
  5. Display the source html of a web view
  6. XPath helper

Where do I get it?

When you have started selendroid-standalone and you have started a test session, you can find the web app at: http://localhost:4444/inspector

Web View Source Code

For displaying the html source code of a web view please follow these steps:

  • Select in the UI hierarchy the webview you want to inspect and press the ctrl key (this keeps the selection of the element).
  • select the tab Html Source

Test Case Recorder

Selendroid Inspector has a simple build in test case recorder that tries to identify the element that is clicked (on the screenshot) and saves the locator and click command into the Java tab.